Today, our army of precision CNC coiling machines ensures tight specifications for your custom coils, and as long as your coil fits within the laws of physics, we can help.  We will manufacture your prototypes as you go through the FDA approval process. Run large productions as you grow in the market, right here.

Our custom wire capabilities include technologies and wire sizes as small as .001″. Typical coils are wound around a mandrel, which can be custom shaped to suit your application or your custom coil design, such as using a tapered mandrel to produce a tapered coil.

CWT manufactures custom fine wire, ultra fine wire and guidewire medical components and sub-assemblies for various OEM suppliers and markets:

Key OEM Customers

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Medical Instrumentation Designers
  • Medical Surgical Device Manufacturers
  • Dental Surgical Device Manufacturers

Primary Markets Served

  • Class I Device OEMs
  • Class II Device OEMs
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Dental and Orthopedic Surgical Industries

Available for Prototype Orders, as well as Short and Long Contract Production Orders

Contact us today to speak with our trained engineers who understand coil design.