Custom Wire Technologies, Inc. provides our clients with Medical Device Pad Printing services that are competitive, precise, timely, and invaluable.

Customers use our pad printing services for a variety of medical product markings. For instance, our medical class black ink can be used for depth marking orthopedic pins or for issuing product number identifiers to accommodate FDA tracking needs. The typical types of products that we print on are catheters, tubing, K-Wires, and a variety of stainless steel and nitinol components.

By combining our cleanroom, ISO 13485 process, and pad printing services we are able to achieve the high levels of quality and precision needed for medical products.

  • Utilizing the finest in computerized pad printing equipment
  • Meeting very tight tolerance in medical device printing with precision device fixtures
  • Assembling components in environmentally controlled, production cleanrooms
  • 360-degree rotational printing for cylindrical depth marks around the OD of a wire
  • Biocompatible Class VI Medical grade ink printing.

Our production facility can effectively handle the prototype stage of new product development and small short runs, as well as full production runs into the millions.

  • Medical Pad Printing and Clean Room Production
  • 360° Rotational Pad Printing on Catheters, Guidewires, Coils, Stylets, etc.
  • Surface Treatment for all Substrates
  • Custom Trays and Containers
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Quick Turnaround Time

Please contact us for your next medical device printing project.