Custom Fine Wire Coiling

CWT manufactures custom fine wire, ultra-fine wire, and guidewire medical components for various devices, instrument, and components using a wide range of wire materials. We produce prototypes as well as contract production orders for OEMs, medical device manufacturers, and researchers.

Key OEM Customers

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Medical Instrumentation Designers
  • Medical Surgical Device Manufacturers
  • Dental Surgical Device Manufacturers

Primary Markets Served

  • Medical Device Industry
  • Dental and Orthopedic Surgical Industries

20 years ago, Custom Wire technologies started out with a single coiling machine and the idea that a company could be built out of adherence to high-quality standards and customer service. Today, our army of precision CNC coiling machines ensure that we are able to make custom coils to your tight specifications. We are able to manufacture prototype custom coils and large production runs alike. When you call Custom Wire, you are able to speak with trained engineers who understand coil design.

Our custom wire capabilities include minimally-invasive technologies and wire sizes as small as .001″. Our typical coils are wound around a mandrel. This mandrel can be custom shaped to suit your application or your custom coil design.

We can manufacture tapered coils by using a tapered mandrel, as long as your coil fits within the law of physics, we can help. We can make prototype coils as you go through the FDA approval process or we can make large production run coils as you start to grow in the market. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your next custom coiling project Ultra- and Micro-Fine Wire Coiling

Micro-Fine & Ultra-Fine Wire Coiling

To meet differing design and application requirements in medical, surgical, dental, and optical fields (and other industries), micro-fine wire manufacturing allows us to offer greater flexibility and innovative solutions.

Fine and ultra-fine wire components are manufactured with detailed precision to ensure that quality and repeatability adhere to required specifications. Our consistent record of precision, high-quality wire components makes our custom fine wire manufacturing the desired resource for OEMs of catheter accessories, cardiovascular valves, guidewires and many other medical, dental and surgical devices.

The terms fine and micro-fine wires refer to the wire gauge, as defined by AWG (American Wire Gauge). Also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, this standardized wire gauge system is based on the 19th-century wire-drawing manufacturing process. View the American Wire Gauge table here.

Available for Prototype Orders, as well as Short and Long Contract Production Orders

  • Ultra-Fine Wire
  • Guidewire Manufacturing and Marking
  • Development Class I and Class II Devices
  • Coil Grinding and Winding
  • Compression Springs
  • Custom Wire Forming
  • Short Turnaround on Prototypes
  • Laser, Plasma and TIG Welding
  • Ultrasonic Washing
  • Clean Room Assembly
  • Custom Packaging and Order Fulfillment