Medical tubing manufacturers require high pitch and high index medical-grade reinforcement wire helical coils for wall reinforcement in their tubing extrusion processes. Tubing reinforcement is useful in a medical setting to provide crush resistance against outside pressure as well as provide higher flexibility than a solid tube. Our typical medical device customers are reinforced tubing manufacturers of catheters and cannulas.

Coil-reinforced medical catheters

A coil-reinforced catheter consists of an elongated tubular outer wall that is reinforced by an internal helical coil spring. By design, coil-reinforced catheter tubes are engineered to provide resistance to kinking or collapsing and to deliver the firmness needed for insertion, yet still maintain their flexibility and pliability for procedural maneuvering.  Our experienced technicians specialize in creative solutions and prompt turnaround time for delivering customized coil-reinforced prototypes, as well as full production, printing, clean room assembly, and packaging.