Building a Strong Medical Wire Supply Chain

From a sudden spike in demand to an alteration of the final design, manufacturers must be able to rely on their suppliers to treat the challenges they face as if they are their own.

NITINOL – The Superelastic Alloy

Nitinol’s unique superelastic properties and biocompatibility have made it an essential material for the medical device manufacturing industry.

The Evolution of Medical Wire Grinding

Grinding is an adaptable technology that can be used in lieu of standard machining practices. The process of grinding specific characteristics to create complex medical wire products has been [...]

Cleanrooms for Medical Device Assembly

Custom Wire Technologies has been serving the medical field for over 20 years. We assemble medical devices for both large companies and small entrepreneurs. At our facility, we create custom [...]

What are K-Wires and What are They Used For?

Originally developed and used by Martin Kirschner in 1909, K-wires have been in existence for over a century. Since the original conception, many modifications have improved the Kirschner wire [...]

Mastering the Art of Micro-Grinding

During a medical procedure, the quality of the wire being used can mean the difference between a successful outcome and a product failure.

The Nitinol Advantage

There are many advantages that Nitinol holds over traditional stainless steel designs, in this article, we discuss those advantages in more detail.