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Keeping Pace With The Demand For Coronary Medical Products

As cardiology departments around the world continue to emerge from Covid-19 and progressively make headway on the huge backlog of procedures it has left in their wake, demand for less invasive [...]

Managing The Micro Coiling Process

Small wire coils are used in many medical components and an ongoing trend in the medical coiling industry is the ‘micro coil’ which can be as small as 0.001’’.

Medical Device Pad Printing

Pad printing provides the flexibility to create an unlimited array of medical device markings In the highly competitive and tightly regulated world of medical devices.

Custom Wire Forming

With more than 20 years of experience in wire forming concepts, Our skilled operators can manufacture many types of wire forms from small prototype orders up to large production orders for OEMs.

Focus On Quality

CWT’s commitment to world-class quality ensures that its products and services meet or exceed the highest standards set by all U.S. and internationally recognized agencies. Using the latest [...]

Building a Strong Medical Wire Supply Chain

From a sudden spike in demand to an alteration of the final design, manufacturers must be able to rely on their suppliers to treat the challenges they face as if they are their own.

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NITINOL – The Superelastic Alloy

Nitinol’s unique superelastic properties and biocompatibility have made it an essential material for the medical device manufacturing industry.

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