Nitinol Challenges in Medical Device Manufacturing

Nitinol offers numerous advantages for medical devices, but manufacturers must either overcome significant challenges or work with a seasoned company who has already mastered nitinol processes.

Sourcing Coils for Medical Devices

Many medical devices rely on specialist wire coils, and market research suggests advancements in procedures are creating new market opportunities for the industry. But how can an OEM determine [...]

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Keeping Pace With The Demand For Coronary Medical Products

As cardiology departments around the world continue to emerge from Covid-19 and progressively make headway on the huge backlog of procedures it has left in their wake, demand for less invasive [...]

Managing The Micro Coiling Process

Small wire coils are used in many medical components and an ongoing trend in the medical coiling industry is the ‘micro coil’ which can be as small as 0.001’’.

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