Hypotubes are the backbone for medical components and minimally invasive surgical tools with precision wire diameters. Combined with custom ground tips, they can be used to create a variety of medical devices. These types of needles are used for drug infusion to focused areas or for fluid removal.

CWT is a fully capable provider of grinding services for hypotube stock (taper grinds or needles) as well as shape forming. We do not manufacture hypotubes at any of our facilities, instead, we source all hypotubes from the top vendors in the industry.

Hypotube Grinding

We grind profiles into the tubing walls such as tapers and steps, and can also grind sharp tips onto the end of hypotubes. Our ability to hold tight tolerances in grinding gives us a superior advantage. We can also apply grinding to achieve step and tapered hypotubes for optimal vascular access.

Hypotube Design

Are you a medical device design firm? Work with our talented engineering staff to understand the manufacturing process and what types of hypotubes are possible. We work with hypodermic tubes as well as many other versions of hypotubes. Contact us today to learn more.