Nitinol offers unique properties which can be superior to stainless steel for certain use cases. Nitinol is a metal alloy based on a roughly equal combination of nickel and titanium which gives it elastic shape memory properties such that it can be forced to return to its original shape when reacting to its external environment.

Nitinol can be shape set by placing an exact fixture and run through a time/temperature-controlled heat set process with a quench to set the final shape. Transformation temperatures can be altered and set to our customers’ specific needs.

Designers use the material’s super-elastic nature to their advantage. Nitinol is an MRI (magnetic resonance imagining) compatible alloy.

CWT stocks a wide array of nitinol wire sizes for fast turnaround on nitinol coil orders. Please contact us today for assistance with prepping your nitinol designs for manufacture. CWT manufactures an array of high quality, precise nitinol shapes for the medical device industry.