CWT has an incredibly diverse range of capabilities utilized in manufacturing custom medical wire products – with an emphasis on specialization in medical devices required in minimally-invasive technologies, such as cardiovascular and neurovascular product development.

Design Engineering Expertise

Our expertise lies in a diverse and continually-expanding base of industry-specific knowledge and capabilities acquired and perpetuated throughout our continued assembly, joining, shaping, testing, and manufacture of custom medical devices.

  • Quality Controls
    We treat each of our customers’ projects like a private endeavor – upholding each task to the highest standards of confidentiality and quality. Our Commitment to Quality
  • Prototype Testing
    At CWT, our rapid prototype response time and product performance testing will help accelerate your product launch.
  • Detailed Production Tracking
    Custom Wire technologies meticulously records the entire production process as our standard best practice in report documentation. This detailed tracking brings you the freedom to focus on the regulatory processing.


When beginning your next project requiring product innovation and development, take advantage of CWT’s vast expertise in custom product design engineering. Contact us today.

Design Challenges

Custom Wire technologies works with a wide array of custom components that are designed with medical wire and other fine wire materials. Each custom project contains its own design challenges. Early detection of pending issues is integral to a cost-effective, quality solution. We will address and solve each aspect with the client’s feedback and approval.

Because all of our projects are customized, it is inevitable to encounter design challenges as part of the process. Our expert and seasoned staff welcomes these unique challenges. CWT’s manufacturing team has experience in all types of custom medical wire applications, product testing, custom wire welding, wire forming and process engineering.

CWT Specializes in Innovative Services

Many of our clients are OEMs that provide innovative solutions to their own customers who are continually searching for new tools that will improve minimally-invasive procedures.

  • Wire Forms – custom fine wire forming for medical device parts or sub-assemblies.
  • Ultra-Fine Wire Welding – to custom weld fine and micro-fine wires, we use laser, plasma or TIG welding.
  • Wire Coiling – custom coils, continuous coils and reinforcement coils
  • Compression Springs – custom compression springs are another essential fine wire component commonly required in medical device parts.

Solving Propriety Manufacturing Process Problems

CWT helps medical device OEMs solve process engineering and manufacturing challenges for their proprietary fine wire components. Over the years, we’ve identified three specific areas where design expertise is essential to solving these challenges, as well as elevating the final quality:

  • Micro Laser Welding
    From stationary welding to automated rotary welding, our technicians finely tune the wire material’s position, rotation and laser weld parameters.
  • Multi-Layered Wire Construction
    Twisted fine wire construction offers many advantages while maintaining the desired final wire thickness.
  • Insulating Materials
    Among the different coating materials, liquid dip-coating technologies can enhance different properties and functions of the component’s overall design.

We offer many years of field-proven expertise and quality solutions that are always ready to tackle your next custom fine wire component challenges.
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